Who are we?

Hease is a brand that was founded by two friends from Antwerp. The aim is to market as many products as possible, based on vegetable, natural and organic ingredients. At Hease, we believe that in this hectic society, the best solutions can be found in natural and vegetable products that are socially and ecologically responsible.

We promise that all our products will be produced without unnecessary ingredients. In this way we bring simple and straightforward products to the market, which reach their goal in a 100% natural and efficient way.


Our mission is to enrich people’s lives physically, emotionally and socially through the responsible use of our products.

02. Vision

We want to be a brand that is used with pride by everyone in society, regardless of religion, age, ethnicity and orientation. To create a greener and simpler future together.

03. Values

Resilience, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Optimism, Emotional Intelligence, Transparency, Collaboration, Customer Orientation (Internal and External), Directness.

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